Wonderful ideas for making  birthdays even more special

Wonderful ideas for making birthdays even more special

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When we want to express our love to our loved ones, we would more often than we realize show it by giving them gifts or taking them out to somewhere special. Usually, we would make the former choice by giving gifts. When we give gifts, we would always have to consider each every little step to succeed in conveying our emotions. It has always been a difficult task to do.

Every person is special and unique so you have to base your gift on their characteristics and how much you love them. Sometimes, let’s hope not, we would disappoint the recipient of the gift by giving them some big expectation although we only bought a shirt or some bag. Before you choose an individual gift for a certain someone; you would always have to consider the impression that you want to leave them, that you’re a fantastic person.


Prepare everything needed before it happens.
First, consider the age of the recipient. If that person is somewhere in his/her mid-twenties, get some of those red balloons.

Then, this part requires you to get help from close family members and friends, note some of the most exciting memories that they have of the recipient. These memories should be unique and cherished by the ones included in the memory.

After that, write each memory on a small piece of paper. Paste those pieces of paper on each of the balloons and hide them. Accompanied by the balloons, you should also have a cake with a personalized gift.

Now, wait until midnight for the surprise. When the recipient arrives, and the surprise unfolds, get the balloons and get the recipient to read the memories posted on the balloons. While reading each memory, pop the balloon. Certainly, this will be a memorable event

Even though Plan A is fun and surely enjoyed by people who will be participating, there is something much better in store in PLAN B.


Exciting event that includes friends, hidden cameras and an unlimited amount of enjoyment
First, call all your close friends and start planning on the surprise around midnight
Then, go to a near bakery shop and order two cakes. The first cake should be superb and the other one made to be extra special.

Next, keep one of the cakes hidden and just focus on the other cake. As for the interesting part, fill the cake with a lot of onion slices. Make sure it’s covered nicely with cream, but it should still have a nice amount of onion slices inside. The cake can be called cream and onion cake. Keep it cold until midnight.

Present this cake to the birthday celebrant. Keep a camera hidden to record the epic moment as soon as the recipient takes his or her first bite. Certainly, it will be an unforgettable few, wait for the reaction. When the excitement begins to calm down, bring out the other special cake to finish the prank. For sure, this will be an event to be cherished.

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