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Premier Detroit Wedding Venue

Are you looking for a wedding hall for your big day?

We are conveniently located in the heart of Mеtrо Detroit and close to major highways. Bеing a full-service bаnquеt hall, we’re аblе to help you with planning your event from start to finish. We are the go to the banquet hall in Detroit, Michigan. 

We offer 5-star menu choices for all kinds of events; Wеdding, Engagements, Bridal Ѕhоwеrѕ, Buѕinеѕѕ Раrtiеѕ аnd Events, Fаmilу Rеuniоnѕ, Соnсеrtѕ, Саtеring, Full Bаr.  Our four halls can be combined to create the massive space we’re famous for that allows us to accommodate up to 1200 guests.

We have wеdding and event specialist in our ѕtаff to help you plan and organize your event. We will help bring your vision for your special event to reality. We will hеlр уоu dеtеrminе thе size of hаll уоu nееd, аnd work оut a menu custom tailored to your needs.

When it comes to planning your “Big Day” the first step is to find the right venue for your dream wedding. We have been in the business for 3/4 of a century, helping Mеtrо Detroit with a variety of events.  Ask people your parents, most likely they got married at The Imperial House. We can help you with all your event needs; еvеrуthing from flоwеrѕ, limousine ѕеrviсе, саkеѕ, bаllооnѕ, DJ, bаndѕ, рhоtоgrарhеrѕ, videographers, invitаtiоnѕ, tux rеntаlѕ аnd drеѕѕеѕ, and lodging.

We are under new Management and Ownership, and we’re making significant changes, from Menu to appearance. Visit us to see the changes for yourself!

Full wedding menu

We provide a full menu for you to chose from. On a budget? We have various menus for you to chose.

Buffet Wedding Menu

We have a state of the art kitchen to accommodate all kinds of weddings. If you’d like a buffet style menu you can build your own, with various appetizers, entrees, and desserts.

Full bar service

We have a full bar service for your enjoyment. Want a premium bar? Talk to us about premium bar options and build your own bar menu.

Experience Royal Hospitality with Affordable Luxury

Here at The Imperial House, we dedicate ourselves to providing you with a memorable experience. From the moment you and your guests enter our newly remodeled Grand Gallery until the end of your celebration, you will be treated like family

Our primary goal is customer service. With over 75 years experience in the hospitality industry. We are the perfect place to amaze your guests with quality food, excellent service, and a beautifully decorated facility. Our banquet coordinators will guide you so that your event will be tailored to suit your ideas and visions.

Whether you are planning an event for 50 or 1200 guests, The Imperial House will cater to your every need. Choose from one of our delicious menus, prepared by our expert chefs. Our spacious banquet rooms will allow your guests to move about comfortably, and our large dance floor is inviting for everyone to enjoy.

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Planning weddings can be pretty hard as well as holding the wedding itself. Holding your wedding at the Imperial House will take off some of the stress from you. The imperial house serves 5-star quality food and also has a wedding or event specialist on our staff that can help you plan your wedding to ensure that your guests will have a fun-filled experience.

Anniversary Parties

The staff and our venue will surely be comfortable even if your party reaches 1200 guests, because the place is huge. The staff and the food quality will undoubtedly reach and even exceed your and your guests’ expectations.

Business Functions

Business meetings are sure to come up in one’s business. The question is, where should you hold it? The venue’s staff should be able to accommodate all the guests. The food quality must be outstanding, and the place should be spacious enough for the guests to be comfortable. Here at the Imperial House, we offer all those amenities.

Engagement Parties

detroit engagement party table setupUsually, intimate and private celebrations of a couple’s love. This amazing tradition of “building bridges” between the two families deserves an equally amazing atmosphere. Our staff will handle all the “heavy” burden of preparing and serving your guests, giving them a lifetime good impression of the new couple.

Fashion Shows

The venue for holding a fashion show should have enough space for the models to portray the clothes they are wearing entirely. The audience must be at a decent distance, not too far nor near, to be able to admire the clothes. The Imperial House can cater to those needs. The four halls can be combined, if required, that can hold up to 1200 guests and is still spacious enough for the models to move around.

Birthday Parties

Birthday parties, it’s all about having fun. Celebrating the day where a certain someone was born. Holding your birthday or someone else’s birthday at The Imperial House will surely be a memorable experience. There is enough room to accommodate any number of guests. We also offer in-house catering that includes 5-star quality food. We also have access to an extensive list of professional vendors, entertainers, bakers, decorators, photographers, and videographers to ensure that the celebrant will surely remember his or her birthday held at The Imperial House.


May it be a baby shower or a bridal shower, it should be memorable for the woman. A baby shower is the celebration of an incoming baby, and a bridal shower is the commemoration of a bride-to-be. The Imperial House offers a luxurious experience that will surely make it memorable.

Funeral Luncheons

A funeral luncheon is an event where close friends and family get together to share wonderful memories during this difficult time. A close friend or a family member has passed away, and everyone is mourning. The venue can hold a small family or up to a huge family that includes friends and other companions.

Religious Celebrations

Religious Celebrations like Thanksgiving demands a spacious place that can fit the family, some friends and of course large enough for the children to roam around and play. The food should be top-notch, and the staff should be able to accommodate everyone. The venue that can cater to those needs is the Imperial House.


Shows are held to show off or display a selection of items. The items shouldn’t be too near each other or else the audience of the things will be cramped together. They will then be annoyed by other people and won’t be able to enjoy the item displayed. The Imperial House is the venue that can hold the exhibition.


I recently attended a wedding at Imperial House. I was very nervous due to past experiences at this banquet. let me just say the food has changed TREMENDOUSLY. I would 100% recommend this place for any kind of event! The food is very delicious and the new management team is excellent! They were there for every need I had. very shocked and impressed with this place. Keep up the amazing work!

Cherie A.

We have been here a few times and love it!!! This year we took the rest of the family with us and we will be going again

Facebook User

I had my baby’s 1-st birthday here and I’m very very satisfied for everything . The best food, service and the best staff. I want to be there again and again in any occasion.

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34701 Groesbeck Hwy.

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Hours of operation:

Tuesday – Friday 10am-6pm

Saturday-Sunday By appointment only (11am-7pm)

Monday Closed.


Our Promise  |  Biggest Banquet Hall in Detroit

At The Imperial House, your guests and you will experience an elegant and pleasurable experience every event. Our guests have been creating memories since 1970. We have hosted more events than any other banquet hall in Detroit area.